Brian’s passion for design came at the early age of eight when his cousin, a fine artist, tutored him over the summers. She taught him sketching, shadowing, and drawing techniques that became the framework for his art and continued advancement into his own artistic design style. At age thirteen he experienced his first remodel, redesigning and construction projects on many investment properties. All were planned and completed with his father, whom he learned a great deal from. Brian’s knowledge of and experience with construction and space planning design grew and became the solid foundation for a successful career in interior design.
Brian’s extensive creative talent includes not only interior design and construction but also painting, 3D perspective drawing and illustration. The ambitions and skills cultivated throughout his youth impassioned him to apply and attend “The Art Institute” where out of several hundred students within three departments, he was the scholarship award winner. Brian went on to graduate with honors.
In the beginning, Brian worked in a variety of design areas, including: advertising graphic design, production art and printing, commercial display design and merchandising, and, of course, furniture design and development. His experience with and work in these areas assisted in leading him up the inevitable path toward interior design and construction, which has gracefully consumed the last twenty-three years of Brian’s professional career. Currently, Brian’s company BK Design is based out of Coronado, California. However, he will continue to cater to a vast range of locations. Because Brian is undaunted by the challenges of customer requirements, he is the choice designer for both residential and commercial project needs. Brian’s passion for design has been and continues to be inspired by the pure need to create and share beauty. He will soon produce a fascinating accessory and lamp line that will be sure to impress. Stay tuned!


“I believe the art of design matters. Furthermore, I strive to discover the most genuine aspects of my clients’ lives and then allow these truly personal elements to become my inspiration for design. My core focus fuses clever style combinations with comfort to create a raw individualism. Because true passion is my motivation, I am able to produce effortless lasting environments through naturally formed balances. I understand that collaborative relationships promote intelligent design and build captivating, yet purposeful, spaces allowing interior design the freedom to inspire and expose a deeper illustration of one’s character.”

-Brian Kelley