BK Design is a uniquely diverse and talented interior design and consulting company. We offer a wide variety of custom design and construction services to accommodate virtually all budgets and deadlines. Our instinctive attention to client requirements coupled with the essential details have been key to our success. Whether new construction or remodel, traditional or contemporary, home or business, we deliver a finished product of quality. Thru keen project management, BK Design provides consulting and coordination, scheduling and sight supervision, implementation and installation. Our focus on client friendships with an honest approach, builds strong working relationships that produce stunning results.

Interior | Exterior Design and Consulting

We place enormous importance on client preferences in order to create authentic and innovative interior and exterior designs. We believe that our clients’ interior and exterior spaces should easily and readily blend to deliver both aesthetics and function. Our clients are comfortable expecting BK Design spaces to be both alluring and livable.

Our services include:

  • interior / exterior finishes
  • space planning, furniture placement
  • furnishings / custom furnishings
  • lighting / custom lighting
  • accessories & artwork
  • window coverings
  • floor-coverings
  • wall-coverings

New Construction and Remodel Selections

Whether your project involves new construction or a remodel, our scope of work details this phase with skillful vision and the process of making selections. Our reputation is built on the knowledge and understanding of product selections and finishes. We also work closely with qualified architects, engineers and builders to create accurate and reliable plans. This priority ensures your design complements any new or existing space.

Our services include:

  • Consulting with architects, engineers and builders/Design & plan review
  • Construction management/subcontractor scheduling
  • Interior/exterior finish selections
  • Interior/ exterior elements: brick, stone & cast stone
  • Flooring/Design layout: Wood, tile & carpet
  • Back splash tile & deco accents/Design layout: Kitchen and bath
  • Granite, natural stone & marble counter tops
  • Plumbing fixtures: Kitchen, bath, tubs & showers
  • Kitchen, bath & built-in cabinets/Design layout
  • Fireplace & specialty architectural elements/Design layout
  • Wood moldings, trims, windows & doors
  • Cabinet & door hardware
  • Paint colors, textures & stain finishes
  • Lighting & placement

Landscaping | Outdoor Living Spaces

BK Design understands that when a united design theme flows freely between the interior and exterior, tranquility follows.  We believe that uniting the interior and exterior is most natural and most appealing when the design focus emphasizes the following:

  • Repetition and/or accentuation of a home’s best features in regard to shape or color
  • Color in landscape and house design that adds visual appeal
  • Reflection of the home’s architecture and style

Our designs ensure that the landscape accents the home’s features, rather than over overshadows them.

Custom Architectural Elements

We custom design and produce architectural elements, such as:

  • stone columns
  • fireplaces
  • wood beams
  • wood & iron railings
  • wood & iron doors
  • kitchen vent hoods

Custom Bedding and Draperies

Window treatments and coverings can add to the beauty and sophistication of a room design, but can provide practical elements as well, such as privacy and light and sound control.  At BK Design we understand the importance of choosing the proper window covering and will consider fabrics, woven woods, and more when selecting the designs that will compliment and complete a room’s desired look and feel.  We specialize in exquisite window coverings to include:

  • Custom cornice boards and drapes
  • Swags and cascades
  • Fabric roman shades
  • Shutters and blinds
  • Custom hardware (rods, rings, finials and brackets)

We understand that the bedroom should be a client’s peaceful retreat and that most often the bed is the focal point of a bedroom.  At BK Design we don’t expect our customers to find their perfect bedding in a bag.  Custom bedding is a particular specialty of ours and we will pay significant attention to creating an alluring and inspired retreat away from the concerns of the world. Bedding considerations include:

  • Duvets, comforters, and coverlets
  • Bed skirts
  • Pillow shams/Euro shams
  • Custom pillows


Custom Furniture

We offer custom designed and crafted furniture to fit any room.

Products include:

  • sofas, chairs and ottomans
  • tables, desks and chests
  • beds, night stands and dressers
  • kitchen and bath cabinets
  • bookshelves and TV cabinets


3D Illustrations

Conceptual and illustrated drawings are used to bring a visual element to the planning stage of any project.  These drawings are beneficial to the overall acquired look and budget base of construction.  Take a look and review “lines of lead” for inspiration in your next project.


We are creative, capable, and confident in our ability to choose and place the accessories that stimulate the eyes and fascinate the viewer. Our expertise in this area is a particular forte of BK Design. Our enthusiastic attention to detail has consistently delighted our clients and we are certain that this tradition will continue.


We believe that choosing lighting is one of the most important considerations when completing a room design. We will design a lighting plan to create a perfect balance between form and function. There are three main types of lighting:

  • General lighting
  • Task lighting
  • Accent lighting

We have various suppliers from whom we select the proper lighting elements and fixtures. When we are unable to locate the ideal lighting, we custom craft the perfect fixture to enhance our clients’ décor.